What we do in Shodecosa  

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Shodecosa Park, which has been called Haiti’s “bread basket” because of its use as a long-term humanitarian food storage facility by internationally renowned agencies, has been proud to meet its clients’ needs for almost 40 years. It has stored goods for US AID, ACDI, Red Cross, World Food Program, European Community, and many more over time and up to date. This leading provider of storage and industrial space in Haiti is an integrated privately owned park that leases and manages over 2 million square feet of covered space.

The highly secured facility held up extremely well in the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, and remained fully functional. With renovations and additional upgrades to its infrastructure now completed, Shodecosa offers a broad range of available space ready for immediate occupancy as well as a variety of integrated services to accommodate its client’s specific needs. It also has new buildings scheduled to be ready in November 2012.

Due to the particular structure of the park’s buildings, the company is flexible in the types of business activities it can accommodate with a client base ranging from manufacturing and general assembly industries to logistics, warehousing and storage businesses. With high ceilings and wide spaces, Shodecosa’s warehouses are multipurpose, allowing for an easy access of delivery trucks as well as an ideal layout for setting up production chains if needed.

Furthermore, its proximity to Toussaint Louverture International Airport and both the public and private Ports of Port-au-Prince, allows Shodecosa’s clients to save time and money in receiving or shipping goods, which minimizes the risks and costs of transporting merchandises over longer distances. This is particularly crucial in an environment in which severe traffic congestion hinders timely transportation.

Due to the combination of the aforementioned and to its high standards, the facility ensures professional management and is the ideal location for virtually any business in need of logistics.


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