If you have warehousing and storage needs, we more than likely have the appropriate facility for you.

Shodecosa provides:

-     Space for warehouses

-     Space for factories

-     Space for offices

-     Space for housing

-     Space for parking containers

Furthermore, if you are looking for value added services that facilitate operations in Haiti we provide:

-     Support with legal frame work;

-     Support with human resources and staff training;

-     Support with security assessment and staffing;

-     Support with information Technology and communication set up.


Security is a priority for the Park’s management. Shodecosa provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week professional security with a system of access and delivery controls. This affords our clients the worry-free security they require.

The Park’s priority is to allow its members to feel at ease within their surroundings so that they may be able to dedicate their full attention to their successful venture.



        Shodecosa's location is a tremendous asset. Proximity to the airport and seaports provides an important differential advantage for our clients over their competitors, as they have an easy access to shipping and/or receiving merchandises while limiting the time these products spend on the road. This consequently lowers the risk of inventory theft by a significant amount through the increased control of our tenants over their products.


Additional Benefits

Additional services include legal support for incorporation and administrative formatting, data and communication services with customized configurations depending on the client's needs.